Every home owner and business owner alike should have access to affordable, creative, and effective advertising. This is what drives ORCA Marketing Group Inc. This is what we do. 

  • BC Island Homes - Award winning for sale by owner website for West Coast home owners. 
  • Your West Coast   - Multiple West Coast directories concentrated on one website. 
  • West Coast Blog   - The hub for West Coast news and information that affects you where you live, play, and work.

We love the West Coast and our communities! Did you know, there are over 140 communities on the West Coast. Each one is unique, with its own personality, and with so much to offer! And, just like you, every community deserves to be seen, to be heard, and to be celebrated.

Through our innovative web design and functions that inform, entertain, and inspire, ORCA Marketing Group Inc. celebrates each community and gives them a voice that says - "Look at me!"

Common Unity. We believe that the individuality of each community can be strengthened by uniting through our commonalities.


Something to Think About

" You will see it when you believe it. "

Wayne Dyer