About Us

About Us

ORCA Marketing Group Inc. is passionate about community. Did you know, that there are over 140 communities on the West Coast. Each one is unique, with its own personality, and with so much to offer! And, just like you, every community deserves to be seen, to be heard, and to be celebrated.
Through innovative web design and functions that inform, entertain, and educate, as well as creative advertising packages that work, ORCA Marketing Group Inc. celebrates each community and gives them a voice that says - " Look at me! "
Our passion and purpose? Common Unity. To strengthen the individuality of each community by uniting  through our commonalities.
Live. Play. Work. One Voice. One Community.



We are the #1 online advertising company that West Coast home owners and business owners alike trust and rely on to provide them with information, entertaintainment, and inspiration. We are commited to the successful promotion of our West Coast communities as the best places in Canada to live, play, and work.



To empower West Coast home owners with knowledge, confidence, and choice.
To provide West Coast business owners with the most effective, professional, and successful vehicle available to promote their business and increase their revenues. 
To attract home owners and business to the West Coast to live, play, and work thereby ensuring that our communities continue to be vibrant and healthy. 


Balance Freedom Passion
Being the best Gratitude Progressive
Commitment Happiness Sincerity
Community Honesty Spirit
Credibility Impact Strength
Effectiveness Insightfulness Success
Efficiency Knowledge Synergy
Ethics Making a difference Timeliness
Excellence Motivation Trust
Expertise Optimism Vision