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Government In Negotiations With Mars Bombers

Communities pressure government to bring back our Bombers.

Finally! The government is finally listening to the people of British Columbia! Our BC government sited the high cost of operating the Mars Bombers as the reason their contract was not renewed.

Now that they have blown through their $63 million budget (the cost of fighting fires in BC is already at $80 million), the government is in negotiations to bring back our beloved Mars Bombers.


I Am Usually A Pacifist

The annual invasion of the deer has begun.


The annual invasion of deer has begun.

It was really a joy to have a vegetable garden the first year I was living in my home. I enjoyed the fruits of my labour and ate out of my garden from May to October. I had so much produce, more than I would need, so I was delivering a basket of produce every week to the soup kitchen.




Residential Power Solution

Tesla sets its sights on residential energy.


It would be safe to say that most of us are concerned about our environment. We all want to do our part to minimize our footprint on Mother Earth. 

Solar power has proven to be an effective and sustainable method of generating power. But the cost to home owners to set up such a system is prohibitive. To store your own power requires a bank of expensive ugly batteries with limited life.



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