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Painters Lodge Has Been Sold

Painters Lodge and April Point Lodge have been sold.


It was a shock to receive notice yesterday from the Oak Bay Marine Group that the iconic Painters Lodge and April Point Lodge have been sold.

It has been expected that OBMG would be divesting itself of some holdings after the passing of owner and philanthropist, Bob Wright. The Times Colonist had even reported the properties were for sale back in February. But I still found it startling and sad that an integral part of his vision is no longer part of OBMG.


BC's Huge Gamble With Your West Coast!

560 potential jobs versus your West Coast.


Like us, you love the West Coast and all that she represents. Rain forests, rugged coastlines, fresh mountain streams, and the bounty of the ocean. 

All that is at risk thanks to Prime Minister Harper, despite strong opposition from Canadians. Wait a minute! Isn't he elected by the people, for the people?! So who is he really working for? Hmm.

What will Premiere Clark do? Will she listen to the people of BC and all who love this province? Or is she too, a puppet on a string? 


We Are So Excited! And We Just Can't Hide It!

ORCA Marketing Group announces another upgrade.


We are so excited! And we just can't hide it!

ORCA Marketing Group believes that all business owners should have access to affordable, creative, and effective advertising. We already have fantastic rates. You can advertise your business on Your West Coast for as little as $1 day per day. That's less than a cup of coffee! Advertise on two great websites for as little as $2 per day. That's still less than a cup of coffee! Gotta love it. 


And A Pink Carnation!

Pink Carnation

The carnation is the symbol for Mother's Day, a holiday established in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, to honour the memory of her mother. 

But did you also know it is the symbol for Multiple Sclerosis?

I will be at the Driftwood Mall in Courtenay on Saturday from 9.30am to 11.30am, selling carnations to raise funds for the MS Society here in the Comox Valley. They are an enormous source of support for people in our communities living with MS. 


You Know It Is Officially Spring When . . .

Snowbirds return to the Comox Valley.

You know it is officially Spring when the Snowbirds return to the Comox Valley! 

The Snowbirds Demonstration Squadron will be returning to the Comox Valley to play, cough, to train for the upcoming air show season. They will be arriving on April 17 followed by the CF-18 Demonstration Team one week later. Daily morning and afternoon training is the norm for both teams. There is no training on Sundays. Training will continue until May 07. 


Hanne's Hope! Spring Fling

Fun. Shopping. Fundraising. Join us!

Less than a week away!!! Join us for ladies night, an evening of fun, shopping, and fundraising. What could be better than that?!

Nina Andersen has organized a fundraiser for the MS Walk in memory of her sister, Hanne. Hanne's Hope! Spring Fling promises to be an evening of fun, food, prizes, shopping, and of course fundraising! Hanne's Hope! takes place on Tuesday, April 8th, from 5pm to 9pm at the Best Western Plus Westerly Hotel in Courtenay


omg! Welcomes Daphne Swift

Daphne Swift joins ORCA Marketing Group Inc.

Please join us in welcoming Daphne Swift to the ORCA Marketing Group Inc., as ORCA Ambassador to the Cowichan Valley.  

Daphne has been a Cowichan Valley resident for over 35 years. She has top notch customer service skills, combined with a background in public relations and hospitality. We are confident that Daphne is a good fit and a great asset to our company. Advertisers too, will benefit from Daphne's excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as her love for the West Coast.


It's Official! James Cameron has Purchased Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery

Grape vines

Your West Coast has 62 wineries of record in our Farm Directory. Between them, they produce some very fine meads, ciders, fruit wines, and grapes wines. The number of West Coast wineries may pale in comparison to Canada's more well known wine regions, the Okanagan in BC and the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, but our wine region, sometimes referred to as the Wine Islands, has quietly begun to gain traction in the wine world.


2014 BC Assessments Are In!

2014 BC Assessments for the West Coast

Well it's that time of the year! The 2014 BC Assessments are complete and on their way to you. How have you faired? 

It comes as no surprise that home values in most communities are seeing corrections. Across the West Coast, stratas have received the biggest hit, with assessments dropping as much as 9.94%.

We have compiled a summary of 2014 rate changes for the West Coast. These numbers are rough and not to be relied on. Please go to the BC Assessment website for complete details. 



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