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Squish Squash

Delicious local squash.


What to do with all the beautiful squash available at your local farmers market?

I purchased a butternut squash at the market a week ago to make lasagna. The squash was so good! Absolutely no comparison to what you are able to purchase at the grocery store. And half the price to boot! I just had to go back and purchase another one!

Rather than make soup, I decided to steam the squash, mash it, and then I froze the mash in ice cube trays. Brilliant!


I Got Myself In To A Real Pickle

Venturing in to the world of pickling.


The last few days have been such a gong show! Self-induced, of course.

I got it fixed in my mind that I was going to make dill pickles. Don't ask me why. I have never made pickles before. I didn't even own a canning pot!

Fortunately, Central Builders had canning pots on sale last week. I drove down there to pick one up. They were all sold out! That should have been my first clue that making dill pickles was not a good idea and I should just let it go. But, they called me the next morning to tell me some more pots had come in on the truck the night before.


Ideas For Your West Coast Mini Vacation. Part One.

No time, but you really need a break?


Don't have time for a summer vacation, but you really need a break? Are you wondering how to incorporate a little adult time in to your summer vacation?

There are 62 wineries on the West Coast with some of the best, award winning wines in the province. You can find them all on Your West Coast!


Jams, Cobblers, & Pies. Oh my!

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries

Berries are my favourite of all the fruits. And berries of all kinds have been soaking up that sweet sunshine we have been enjoying for weeks. The results are bumper crops of all my summer favourites - blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Up and down the West Coast, local farmers have been working hard to bring you these sweet treats. U-pick, pre-picked, frozen, or already made into delectable desserts. The choice is yours. Go to Your West Coast's Farm Directory to find your nearest berry farmer.


Merridale Cider wins Cider of the Year - Times Colonist

After a five year haitus from competitions, Merridale Cider wins Cider of the Year and Best in Show at the Cider Summit in Portland last month. Merridale also won three gold, a silver and two bronze medals. Competitors included cider producers from B.C., Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, England, France and Spain.  


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