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Ideas For Your West Coast Mini Vacation. Part Two.

Beached whale by the beach.


Don't have time for a vacation, but you really need a break? It could be as close as your nearest beach!

Sometimes life keeps us so busy doesn't it? Nose to the grindstone, checking off the to do list each day, only to find out that the list grew back the next day! What?! We forget to look up, take a deep breath, and notice that there is life outside those four walls!

I took a deep breath this weekend and decided I would give myself a mini vacation on Sunday. Okay, I confess. Not really. I was working on my own to do list. But it did involve the beach!  :)


The Sounds of Silence

Puntledge RV Campground, Courtenay, Comox Valley

Aaah. The sounds of silence. All levels of school are back in session! The leaves are turning red and gold. There is a definite nip in the air and at dusk you can hear the flocks of birds overhead on their journey south. Summer may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean that all travel opportunities have blown away!

According to the long range weather forecast, there are still plenty of beautiful autumn days headed our way. The “shoulder season” is an ideal time for you to explore the West Coast. And what better way than to pack up the RV and head for parts unknown.


Sounds Fishy

Look what I caught while fishing on the Puntledge!

Look what I caught while fishing on the Puntledge today! Puntledge Road that is. I was on the hunt for a small night table. Honestly. I browsed a few shops yesterday. No luck. I was out and about again today and thought I would try the Treasure Shack in Courtenay on the way home. I didn't find a night table but look what I caught instead! Just love it. Hand carved. I love how the fish are hung on a real fish chain. Made me smile so I just had to have it. You have to have things around you that make you smile, right?! Besides, it's probably the most fish I am going to catch this year.


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