Messages From My Sister - September 08

The Strumbellas


Every day, in little ways, I receive messages from my sister, Hanne, whether it is a sign or a song. Hanne prefers music! Just to remind me that she is near and that she loves me. 

Today was no different. I was adding events to our calendar and felt compelled to listen to this tune. Made me smile the whole way through as Hanne, in her not so subtle way, is reminding me to stay positive and alert for my purpose. There is something for me in this life!

I am sure this tune will have you smiling and tapping your toes as well! The downside? The song is too short!


And A Pink Carnation!

Pink Carnation

The carnation is the symbol for Mother's Day, a holiday established in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, to honour the memory of her mother. 

But did you also know it is the symbol for Multiple Sclerosis?

I will be at the Driftwood Mall in Courtenay on Saturday from 9.30am to 11.30am, selling carnations to raise funds for the MS Society here in the Comox Valley. They are an enormous source of support for people in our communities living with MS. 



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