Soulful Duo Shea and Jacob

The soulful rock sound of Shea and Jacob.


It has been awhile since we have done a Tunes For Tuesday, hasn't it?

The rise in young talent around the world proves that you don't have to be a seasoned performer or pay your dues to be appreciated.

Take for example the young Nanaimo duo, Shea and Jacob. They are two very talented singer songwriters, already writing and performing their own music at the tender ages of 15 and 16. Say what?!


West Coast Sounds of Carmanah

Tunes For Tuesday presents Carmanah.


What sounds come to mind when you think of the West Coast? The wind whistling through the ancient cedars? The cry of an eagle as it soars overhead? The unique tinkle of the ocean as it rushes in over the pebbles on the beach?

Aptly named, Carmanah manages to incorporate all these sounds and more in their music. The first time I heard Carmanah, I knew I was listening to something special. I slowly closed my eyes, leaned back in my chair, and I was transported.


Tunes For Tuesday - Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop is a Canadian treasure.


Now you know, I speak from my heart when I say my Westies are my Besties! But sometimes, you just have to colour outside the lines. Especially when it comes to a voice like Amy Bishop

In my defence, I did hear Amy perform at an intimate house concert in Comox on the weekend. That counts as West Coast, right?!

What a wonderful evening. Amy Bishop is so funny!!! And that voice. She is like a chameleon! I laughed, I cried.


VIMA 2015 Country Recording Of The Year!

Hub City Ramblers picks up country award.


We are so pleased that the Hub City Ramblers picked up the VIMA 2015 award for Best Country Recording!

Congratulations. Woohoo!

We featured the Hub City Ramblers in January 2015 on our Tunes For Tuesday. Oh wait! That makes us two for two. We must have good taste!

Check out the Hub City Ramblers for yourself. Listen to some great tunes. Buy one of their cds. 

Now that's what we call buying local!



VIMA 2015 Vocalist Of The Year!

Kim June Johnson awarded Vocalist Of The Year.


We are thrilled that Kim June Johnson won the Vancouver Island Music Awards 2015 Vocalist Of The Year. 

Congratulations Kim June!

We featured Kim June Johnson in January 2015 on Tunes For Tuesday. We knew then we had found a winner! Looks like the judges agreed. 

Check out Kim June's website to purchase one of her cds and listen to her tunes



Tunes For Tuesday - Andrea Smith

The irrepressible Andrea Smith.


With three albums of original music under her belt, and a total of eight, count 'em, eight Vancouver Island Music Award nominations, it is safe to say that Andrea Smith knows a thing or two about writing music! 

You will fall in love with this bluesy West Coast jazz singer. There is just something so warm and familiar about her voice. 



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