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Government In Negotiations With Mars Bombers

Communities pressure government to bring back our Bombers.

Finally! The government is finally listening to the people of British Columbia! Our BC government sited the high cost of operating the Mars Bombers as the reason their contract was not renewed.

Now that they have blown through their $63 million budget (the cost of fighting fires in BC is already at $80 million), the government is in negotiations to bring back our beloved Mars Bombers.


Tunes for Tuesday - Brodie Dawson

Soulful blues folks singer, Brodie Dawson.


With a voice that is rich and full of soul, it's no surprise that Brodie Dawson was named Vocalist of the Year at the 2014 Vancouver Island Music Awards and has been nominated for Best Live Act two years in a row! 

Brodie will captivate you from the first note. Her eclectic mix of soulful folk blues, blended with gospel funk, pop, and country, is a reflection of the musical emersion she experienced growing up combined with her own musical journey. 


Ideas For Your West Coast Mini Vacation. Part Two.

Beached whale by the beach.


Don't have time for a vacation, but you really need a break? It could be as close as your nearest beach!

Sometimes life keeps us so busy doesn't it? Nose to the grindstone, checking off the to do list each day, only to find out that the list grew back the next day! What?! We forget to look up, take a deep breath, and notice that there is life outside those four walls!

I took a deep breath this weekend and decided I would give myself a mini vacation on Sunday. Okay, I confess. Not really. I was working on my own to do list. But it did involve the beach!  :)


BC's Huge Gamble With Your West Coast!

560 potential jobs versus your West Coast.


Like us, you love the West Coast and all that she represents. Rain forests, rugged coastlines, fresh mountain streams, and the bounty of the ocean. 

All that is at risk thanks to Prime Minister Harper, despite strong opposition from Canadians. Wait a minute! Isn't he elected by the people, for the people?! So who is he really working for? Hmm.

What will Premiere Clark do? Will she listen to the people of BC and all who love this province? Or is she too, a puppet on a string? 


We Are So Excited! And We Just Can't Hide It!

ORCA Marketing Group announces another upgrade.


We are so excited! And we just can't hide it!

ORCA Marketing Group believes that all business owners should have access to affordable, creative, and effective advertising. We already have fantastic rates. You can advertise your business on Your West Coast for as little as $1 day per day. That's less than a cup of coffee! Advertise on two great websites for as little as $2 per day. That's still less than a cup of coffee! Gotta love it. 



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