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Squish Squash

Delicious local squash.


What to do with all the beautiful squash available at your local farmers market?

I purchased a butternut squash at the market a week ago to make lasagna. The squash was so good! Absolutely no comparison to what you are able to purchase at the grocery store. And half the price to boot! I just had to go back and purchase another one!

Rather than make soup, I decided to steam the squash, mash it, and then I froze the mash in ice cube trays. Brilliant!


Coming Full Circle

One of my favourite childhood desserts.


Isn't it funny how life comes full circle!

Like many of you, we didn't have a lot of money growing up. Soup was a popular way for my mom to stretch the family food budget. Plus, we always had a huge vegetable garden to draw from!

To encourage us to suffer through Day 3 of soup for dinner, my mom would promise us aebleskiver for dessert. Dessert was a rare thing indeed. Aebleskiver? Heaven on earth. 


Soulful Duo Shea and Jacob

The soulful rock sound of Shea and Jacob.


It has been awhile since we have done a Tunes For Tuesday, hasn't it?

The rise in young talent around the world proves that you don't have to be a seasoned performer or pay your dues to be appreciated.

Take for example the young Nanaimo duo, Shea and Jacob. They are two very talented singer songwriters, already writing and performing their own music at the tender ages of 15 and 16. Say what?!


Fully Renovated. Family Home. Great Location.

A beautiful, fully renovated, move-in-ready family home for sale, located in a quiet part of Comox.


Now that the children are back in school, you are thinking, "I can't take this house a moment longer. We have got to move!"

Well, this beautifully renovated family home for sale in Comox might be just the ticket!

It has been completely renovated, so there isn't a thing for you to do but move in, relax, and enjoy your new 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home


Season's Changing Gears

Cooler nights call for soup!


With the recent change in weather, comes the craving for a comforting bowl of soup!

While out and about the other day, my mom announced out of the blue, "I want soup for dinner."

With no time, what's a girl to do? Fortunately, here on the West Coast, we are surrounded by an abundance of hard working farmers producing a delicious bounty to choose from. I pulled in to a local farm stand on the drive home.

My brain is going, "Soup, soup, soup!" I spotted some beautiful butternut squash. Hmm. I seem to recall I had a recipe for that. 



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